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 Helpful handy simple plug-ins for paintdotnet

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PostSubject: Helpful handy simple plug-ins for paintdotnet   Tue Jul 21, 2009 1:37 pm

Before I give you all these special plug-ins,your gonna have to understand how they work. When you save it,go to Documents/My computer/Local disk/Program files/ Save it to effects.Then you side click the file you just saved,the extract all.After that,the original file(folder) will come to a compressed file.Open the new file folder and then bring out the effects file to effects folder.Then you done,but if you did it while using it wont work. So now I will give you some kewl plugins: Due to the nature of this effect, it does best when you give it a blurry black and white image to start with:
Heres a fire plug-in for your text. Make sure its a nice Ariel text. With a white background. Use the magic wand,and then hold shift when you click the text,then do Gaussian blur.Make sure that the Blur is to 3.That way you get your whole text highlighted.Then go to Effect/Render/then you'll see fire!.. Do that and make some adjust ments in the media configure. Heres the file:
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Helpful handy simple plug-ins for paintdotnet
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