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PostSubject: fusionfall   fusionfall EmptySat Jul 18, 2009 3:58 pm

please sticky

our mission in the wedge is to help with missions monsters and whatever else you need
also, if i get more membs, we will start meetings, so sign up!!

heres the logo:(for the game)
fusionfall Fusionfall001
i play a lot, but i havent been able to get forums access.
so heres where i will post.
i am making a new group, the name is: the wedge, since we wedge through fuse's defenses.
so far we have two members, heres the list:
the wedge member list

Admiral andrewsamuri [leader/admin](lvl 13)
Malcom Winter [co-leader/admin](lvl 13)

the wedge rank list(lowest to highest)
corporal (lvl 4-6)
sergeant (lvl 7-9)
master sergeant (lvl 10-12)
captain(lvl 13-15)
major(lvl 16-20)
lt. kernel (lvl 21-24)
kernel (lvl 25-30)
general(lvl 31+)
the wedge staff list
mods[please apply!!](none)
admins[sorry, all spots taken] (andrewsamuri, malcom)
this is the official recruitment forum please sign up!!
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